Blox Evolution 2016 – Pier 70 San Francisco

It is a challenge every event strives for. How do you make your show better than your last? There is a quote “Treat my first like my last, and my last like my first”. Blox Evolution has just done that and even set the bar higher.

Hot Import Nights – San Jose 2016

There was no need to travel far this time. No need to pack up and make a long trip to some place hours away. I can finally go to Hot Import Nights fully charged and ready to go!…. Or so I thought… Still tired from the Pre-Game party at Aura with the models, I get to The Santa Clara Fairgrounds late… The sun basically gone, and the cars starting to light up. The sound of the subs hitting, people chattering, photographers shooting, crowd cheering, and the sight of the models. All these mixed feelings together with my exhaustion brings everything into place. This was Hot Import Nights…

Spocom Anaheim – 2015

My first time at Spocom in SoCal. Running off 2 hours of sleep, suffering through 80 degree weather, with rain, no time to relax at all. As I walked in before the event was open to the public, my exhaustion went away. The venue was ventilated, the cars were going through their final preparations, sound check was about done. Spocom Anaheim was about to kick off…. Continue reading →

Extreme Autofest 2015 – Coverage by Marky G

The sound of tires screeching, smell of burned rubber, music echoing through the vast lot of low riders, imports, exotics, and custom cars. This is one of Southern California’s biggest car shows. Welcome to Extreme Autofest Anaheim 2015. Click Here To Continue…  

North West Fan Fest 2015 – Day 3 Coverage – Marky G

I knew taking 14 shots of Jack was a bad mistake. With only less than 30 hours left in Vancouver, Canada I had a choice. Spend 2 hours site seeing the beautiful city… Or go to a comic/anime convention… Well you know me… This is Vancouver’s North West Fan Fest 2015. Click Here To Continue…  

Fanime 2015 – Coverage by Marky G

Last year, I had no clue what to expect from one of Northern California’s biggest Anime Convention. But this year I came prepared. The streets filled with streams of Kill La Kill characters, Titans, ninjas, school girl uniforms, Street Fighters, giant mechas… Yea… Kha’Zix just walked across the street…If it had a part in an anime, gaming, or comics, it was here… This is Fanime 2015. Click Here To Continue…  

Fanime 2015 Galleries

We had a great time at Fanime, and we know that you are already looking for your photos with our photographers! All Fanime photos are now up! Check them out! Here is a list of photographers that took photos under Enix & 1nk5, along with status, & direct links to their galleries! Make sure to follow us on Instagram, & Twitter Photographers: IG & Twitter: @DjMarkyG Fanime Day 2 & 3 (05-23/24-2015) Status: Photos are up! Click Here IG & Twitter: @MartianPictures Fanime Day 2 & 3 (05-23/24-2015) Status: Photos are up! Click Here IG: @GahhModels Fanime Day 2 & 3 (05-23/24-2015) Status: Photos are up! Click Here