Blox Evolution 2016 – Pier 70 San Francisco

It is a challenge every event strives for. How do you make your show better than your last? There is a quote “Treat my first like my last, and my last like my first”. Blox Evolution has just done that and even set the bar higher.

This year I was bringing my good friend from Canada, Whitney Chase to the show. It was her first time in the San Francisco / Bay Area. I told her the basics of what I experienced in the previous years at Blox. We arrived early but met with a small delay due to the SF Fire Marshall. As the lined build, and we waited for our entry, I heard commotion from the staff talking about different floors in the abandon factory. I did not recall a different floor on my last Blox visit. The gates open, and it was time to go in. We we’re greeted by the usual Pokey stick giveaways and a couple cars before entering the warehouse, but as soon as I turned the corner to enter, my excitement raised. I remember on my last post, I typed “Blox Evolution definitely stepped up their production levels, and I can’t wait until next year. With the amount of attendance, and the increase amount of venders, I expect next year to be a bigger mix of car culture, and hot models.” I didn’t expect them to build 3 floors….

As one of the first in, I quickly climbed the newly constructed 3 story structure. Vendors are now placed together, on the top floor, a model lounge set and DJ booth set on the 2nd floor, with all the cars parked under the structure, and the main stage sitting smack in the middle of the warehouse. The set up was amazing. The natural lighting from the windows of the once abandon warehouse was still present, giving each vehicle and amazing look. Since this was Whitney’s first event in San Francisco, my explanation of how Blox was last year, was just destroyed by the production that Blox put into this year.

The outside layout slightly changed, with another stage outside, and the food trucks lined with the buildings exterior. It seems as if there were more cars and vendors than last year, and the competition between car teams have stepped up with some new cars I have never see in other shows. The inside layout was perfect, centering the main stage, and having the cars all throughout the venue. The model lounge upstairs by MSTR Stag seam a bit cramped however but people were able to still meet and greet their favorite models. The top floor housed all the vendors, and the space between the vehicles and vendors was well distributed to avoid clutter. As I went through the venue, I manage to meet some of the vendors, and spectators, all in which they agree, that Blox has really step up the production level of what car show culture should be about.

Blox Evo has really out done their last previous shows, and with careful planning, I wouldn’t be surprised if they manage to impress me next year. The production was amazing, and organization was very well thought. It’s time for other productions to start stepping up their game. Blox just set the standard.

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-Mark Gonzales
(Dj Marky G)
Photographer, Dj, Gamer, Nerd, CEO of Enix LLC

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