Phoenix Sounds, established November 2007, began as a disc jockey, and promotional team. Based in the San Francisco, Bay Area; Phoenix Sounds quickly became one of the top nightlife industry leaders, selling out nightclub venues such as Fanatics, Space 550, Abyss Nightclub, The Legendary Kellys Mission Rock, Fina Estampa, Glaskat, Horizon, and The Vault.

After two successful years of throwing some of the hottest events in the Bay Area, the Phoenix promotional staff retired, and began working on multiple projects in other nightclub industries. Phoenix Sounds remained strictly as a disc jockey service, serving San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, New York, and Los Angeles.

In 2010 Phoenix Sounds reestablished promotion service along with other media outlets, to bring, innovative parties, and services. The name Phoenix Sounds was retired, and changed to Enix LLC.

In 2017 a massive restructure of Enix has taken place. Working with several businesses over the years, Enix has establish itself as a leader in business management in several industries.